Emily_lavaWelcome! I’m an experimental petrologist / planetary scientist / volcanologist who studies igneous rocks at the small scale to learn about large scale processes. After earning my PhD at the University of Hawaii, under the guidance of Dr. Julia Hammer, I moved to Providence, RI for a post-doc at Brown University with Dr. Malcolm Rutherford. As of December 2020, I’m a 51 Pegasi b Fellow (post-doc) at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, taking my geological expertise beyond our solar system. I’m working with Dr. Esteban Gazel and others to create a spectral database for exoplanet research. Happy science-ing!

p.s. Wondering what the header background is? It’s thymol crystals growing in a thin layer between a glass slide and cover slip, under crossed polars. I enjoy watching them grow this way even more than in a watch glass.